Friday, 19 September 2008

Funniest video of the month!

hahahaha this is so funny,i come home from school and usual shit check the blogs and email :D and Youtube! i found this on youtube on the home page i laughed so much !!!! i think you have to see it. it's an epic video! things like this dont deserve to be ignored ^_^

Haha ahaha so funny! ^O^

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Watanabe 86

Well,I spent a whole Summer 2008 on my R30 that still need some equiptment!,but i have this new project now. It was a fast project nothing big i just check interior and make sure it's perfect and i make black texture and RS Watanabe rim's with reflection.I'm pleased with my work i think that it look's good one of my favourite cars AE86...blah blah blah blah look !

On Sakina with Legend R32,Fortunate 86 Can Smoke this Opponent!

Cya next time guys!