Saturday, 15 October 2011

Toyota AE86 Trueno

Hi again :D You may remember a certain AE86 Levin that I posted a while ago.. I've taken that car and completely re-hashed it into a new creation. I've turned it into a Trueno rather than Levin. Anyway I think this car speaks for itself o.o

Here are some pictures:

Rice-tastic engine because I felt like it xD

And as usual the Modifications List:

-Completely Reworked front end of Levin using donor parts from a trueno model.
-Adjusted Wheel Arches
-New rims(Volk TE3Vv)
-Rim fitment adjusted(wheel dummies)
-Steering wheel added in interior
-Spoiler removed and boot/trunk remodelled accordingly
-Bonnet clips scratch modelled and added

Thanks to -

KEISUKE for Volk TE37v rims :D
DDS Team again for the original model of the levin
EasyMan for his Trueno model
SlicK for the steering wheel

I'll upload this if anyone is interested in using it :D

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Risky Devil: Mr Chobz Nissan S14

I'm back again with another work for you to feast your eyes on. This time it's a project that I had started a long time ago, but due to PC issues I lost the files and ended up abandoning the project for a long time. But recently I came across the pictures from this glorious car and I gave myself the kick up the ass I needed to complete the project.

Anyway a little bit of history on the car:

It's a Nissan Silvia (or 200sx as it's known in Europe) S14 which runs on a SR20DET Engine. It belongs to Mr Chob from Risky Devil blog, for anyone who doesn't know: Risky Devil is an awesome tuner/drift car club based in Chicago, US. If you haven't heard of them before then you need to check them out, they got some epic shit on their blog.

Mr Chob spends a lot of time on this car, tweaking and modifying it and thus it's went through a lot of changes. This made it very hard for me to choose which edion I wanted to replicate.

Unfortunately, it seems that Risky Devil and Mr Chob are no longer blogging :(((( epic sad face, BUT they are both still online and have a monster back catalog of awesomeness.

And pics:

Here you can see the interior looks pretty spotless :D all good.

Modifications List:

- Scratch Made Front Bumper
- Remodelled Rear Bumper
- Side Skirts added
- Steering Wheel added
- Tachometer and Fuel gauge added
- Racing Seat added
- New Exhaust
- SR20DET Engine retextured and added
- New Rims
- Adjusted Dummies on wheels for better fit
- Stickers custom made in photoshop(A gruelling long process :| but worth it ;D)
- Rear Wing scratch made and fitted

Thanks to:

Risky Devil - For putting togethe a really awesome team
Mr Chob - For building this legendary carh

Flinta - For the Stock S14 Model which I used as the basis of this project
Picolini - For his SR20DET engine
SlicK - Again for his steering wheel
ClubTH - For the racing seat
SUBMOTORING - For the gauges

O.O. anyway, Until next time guys, cya!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Nissan R32.4

Ok so first things first: hello! I've been busy with a lot of other stuff... Again. And I really am finding it hard to devote any time to modding, but I managed to whip something up for you all, still. Hopefully in future I got some more time to play with and I can bring more stuff, but only time will tell!

I've been working on a Nissan R32.4 Lately, actually it's a pretty old project but I never got round to completing it until recently. Again it's based from a real life car, one belonging to a British dude called Bryn Alban. It's known as the "Yellow Banana" - A name which suits it quite nicely :D. It's had a lot of coverage on various sites such as Speedhunters and Bryn even has a blog for it over at Driftworks, so that's how I found it. But nonetheless here it is for you to see:

And as usual, a List of Modifications:

New Seats by Itaska/Tatsuo
New Work Rezax rims from Forza 3
New Front Bumper
New Side Skirts
Edited Rear Bumper
New Steering wheel from SLicK

Thanks to -
Bryn Alban - For putting together a masterpiece of a car!

- Original Model
Forza 3 - Rims + Front Bumper
SlicK - Steering Wheel
Speedhunters - Always on the scene with smoking hot cars.

ALSO: If you want to DOWNLOAD this car then post a comment in the chatbox and say so, if enough people are interested to have it then I will upload! :D

EDIT: So some people made a comment (Thank you guys ;D) and now I don't have any problems with releasing this.

So here you go, Click the button below to download this car!

Until next time, cya!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Rim: Rotiform Bru

I've been modelling a lot of rims recently. This one has been laying around on my pc for a few days now.

Here it is in zmodeler, in some different viewports.

tried and tested in game too :).

Thanks to Keisuke for helping me fix a problem with normals.

The model is in .z3d format with textures included.

Click the button below to download!

If you use this rim, please credit me and link to this bog as I did spend some time working on it :)

Until next time, cya :D

Sunday, 17 April 2011

BMW 3.25i RatRod Style

A long time ago, I saw a car at website, a really special BMW :D.

A few days ago I found an article on the same car at a site called

This car was a new frontier in custom projects. This project was started by Mike Burroughs, from

The finish was achieved using diesiel oil to create a rust effect on the car's chassis. Very original! A cobra shark teeth vinyl on each-side of the car really adds to the authenticity of this BMW. And last but not least the Magnesium 24 Karrat Gold Plated Ronal Racing rims, what a mouthful xD

Here you can see the metal interior and dashboard, and a little control device for something called a cowl flap, something to do with airplanes but I can't explain it :D.

Well since I'm feeling happy about this, I will release it for download! in 2 versions, camber and no camber.

Click below to download each version:



Modification List:

- Smoked Tail Lights
- Custom Paintjob Made by Me
- UV Mapped Chassis
- Scratch Modelled Ronal Racing Split rims
- Scratch Modelled Dashboard & Control Unit
- Camber Angle on Wheels (optional)
- Added new steering wheel and Seats


- EREN TÝPO For the stock bmw.
- Mike Burroughs, STANCEWORKS and for the idea.
- DDS team for Steering wheel and pedals.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Back on the scene?

Ah I missed so much :( I'm very busy these days... so I didn't really find time for mods or the blog anymore. So in this post I just wanna wish everyone Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ( very late, I know :( ).

Along with that a little something for everyone to feast their eyes on. It's nothing great but I think it's good since it was done in one day really.

Having a little fun in photoshop :D

Nothing special but I like it, none the less.

This car is from photographer, Alok Paleri. It caught my eye immediately. Especially with the Schmidt TH Line rims - usually seen on Volkswagens.

Modification List:

- Scratch Made Schmidt TH Line 3pc rims
- Custom Speed Industries Paintjob
- Lowered Suspension for a more flush appearance

Thanks to:

- WRT Team/HKS_Drifter for the Original Toyota Corolla Levin Model
- Alok Paleri, Swen Burkhard & for inspiration

Until next time, cya!