Tuesday, 22 April 2014

1998 Nissan Skyline GTT ER34

I'm back with another new car, this time It's a stock car, clean and simple. I've converted this car from SLRR and It's taken a little while, most of which I spent smoothing out the bugs it had. Now for pics:

Modifications List:

- All parts converted and scaled
- Texutre creation and mapping for interior
- Rims and Tires edited
- Custom Damage Models made
- Working SA lights made, adapted for HQLM V2.
- Removed double poly from original model.
- RB25DET engine added
- R34 rims added
- Exhaust added
- Japanese license plates added


Converts & Edits: MrVorbis07
Original Model - Street-King, StarHunters, Remco and Mark-o
Engine - Stin
Rim- Mattheus340
 Handling Line - Driv

Also big thanks to MrZasen for helping me fix bugs on this car. :D

I'll put this car for download, you can download it by clicking the button below:


Until next time, cya :)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MazdaSpeed Mazda RX7 FD3S

 Well, after a looong break, I decided to get back into modding a little bit. So happy new year x2, happy birthday and merry christmas, etc etc. Anyway, I've worked on a few projects since I came back and this is one of them.

This car is a replica of my old friend [TRIY]Chong's RX7 which he did and gave me a long time ago. we lost contact since then, and this car kind of reminds of good old times I had in SA-MP in 2007-2009, so I replicated it. :D

This car uses the mazdaspeed bodykit:

 Well, now that you know how this project started, here are some pics of it in game.


Chassis replacement from J2 HIN
Replaced side-mirrors
New Exhaust system
Spoiler/SideSkirts from J2 HIN
New number plate
Nardi Steering Wheel
Bride Lowmax Seats
OZ Racing Rims
13B Engine
Working pop-up lights and fixed light dummies.


Easyman - Base car/converts
Flash - seats
Toretto - Steering Wheel

I'll put this car for download if enough people want it.

Until next time, cya.