Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Well today i did some experimenting ( thx [TRIY]Chong ^^ ) On an RX7 Bumper at 3dsmax... i just did some nice modeling add on's and texture's done ^^ look now plz.

This is the MODEL :D

And this is a render of the model.

Thx and chatbox to your right >>> comment plz :)

seynonara (^o^)

Skyline R30

Hi. I was gone for a long time but now I'm back! and this was my summer project but now It's finished. This R30 was a pain to make.. a lot of time and work went in to it.  My friend SDrifter was a great help,he modelled me the license plate and fitted the most awesome ref idea. Look at these pic's

Picture's By Chong ^^

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Well this,maybe you won't wanna hear it :S but i got so bored of samp 0.1b same people saying same things doing same crap ! so i won't be on 0.1b anymore unless it's something very cool i can't miss... other than this there's not more i need to say xD if you ever wanna find me i may be on 0.2.2 server's probably DM server's
if you want to know my 0.2.2 sa-mp name maybe ask me on msn when i'm on ^^