Saturday, 10 September 2011

Nissan R32.4

Ok so first things first: hello! I've been busy with a lot of other stuff... Again. And I really am finding it hard to devote any time to modding, but I managed to whip something up for you all, still. Hopefully in future I got some more time to play with and I can bring more stuff, but only time will tell!

I've been working on a Nissan R32.4 Lately, actually it's a pretty old project but I never got round to completing it until recently. Again it's based from a real life car, one belonging to a British dude called Bryn Alban. It's known as the "Yellow Banana" - A name which suits it quite nicely :D. It's had a lot of coverage on various sites such as Speedhunters and Bryn even has a blog for it over at Driftworks, so that's how I found it. But nonetheless here it is for you to see:

And as usual, a List of Modifications:

New Seats by Itaska/Tatsuo
New Work Rezax rims from Forza 3
New Front Bumper
New Side Skirts
Edited Rear Bumper
New Steering wheel from SLicK

Thanks to -
Bryn Alban - For putting together a masterpiece of a car!

- Original Model
Forza 3 - Rims + Front Bumper
SlicK - Steering Wheel
Speedhunters - Always on the scene with smoking hot cars.

ALSO: If you want to DOWNLOAD this car then post a comment in the chatbox and say so, if enough people are interested to have it then I will upload! :D

EDIT: So some people made a comment (Thank you guys ;D) and now I don't have any problems with releasing this.

So here you go, Click the button below to download this car!

Until next time, cya!


  1. Sad that not enough people show love for this car. I'd love to drive it around.

  2. Like this car ... can you send me ? ?

  3. It's fucking epic man.

  4. Ok I'm going to add the link for this car, if I still have the files around :)