Saturday, 15 October 2011

Toyota AE86 Trueno

Hi again :D You may remember a certain AE86 Levin that I posted a while ago.. I've taken that car and completely re-hashed it into a new creation. I've turned it into a Trueno rather than Levin. Anyway I think this car speaks for itself o.o

Here are some pictures:

Rice-tastic engine because I felt like it xD

And as usual the Modifications List:

-Completely Reworked front end of Levin using donor parts from a trueno model.
-Adjusted Wheel Arches
-New rims(Volk TE3Vv)
-Rim fitment adjusted(wheel dummies)
-Steering wheel added in interior
-Spoiler removed and boot/trunk remodelled accordingly
-Bonnet clips scratch modelled and added

Thanks to -

KEISUKE for Volk TE37v rims :D
DDS Team again for the original model of the levin
EasyMan for his Trueno model
SlicK for the steering wheel

I'll upload this if anyone is interested in using it :D