Saturday, 16 April 2011

Back on the scene?

Ah I missed so much :( I'm very busy these days... so I didn't really find time for mods or the blog anymore. So in this post I just wanna wish everyone Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ( very late, I know :( ).

Along with that a little something for everyone to feast their eyes on. It's nothing great but I think it's good since it was done in one day really.

Having a little fun in photoshop :D

Nothing special but I like it, none the less.

This car is from photographer, Alok Paleri. It caught my eye immediately. Especially with the Schmidt TH Line rims - usually seen on Volkswagens.

Modification List:

- Scratch Made Schmidt TH Line 3pc rims
- Custom Speed Industries Paintjob
- Lowered Suspension for a more flush appearance

Thanks to:

- WRT Team/HKS_Drifter for the Original Toyota Corolla Levin Model
- Alok Paleri, Swen Burkhard & for inspiration

Until next time, cya!


  1. Awesome, thanks for your effort!! And keep going!

  2. haha awesome that you recreated Swen's car in the game. Wait for the supercharged NOS hachi to smoke it up again next season :D