Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MazdaSpeed Mazda RX7 FD3S

 Well, after a looong break, I decided to get back into modding a little bit. So happy new year x2, happy birthday and merry christmas, etc etc. Anyway, I've worked on a few projects since I came back and this is one of them.

This car is a replica of my old friend [TRIY]Chong's RX7 which he did and gave me a long time ago. we lost contact since then, and this car kind of reminds of good old times I had in SA-MP in 2007-2009, so I replicated it. :D

This car uses the mazdaspeed bodykit:

 Well, now that you know how this project started, here are some pics of it in game.


Chassis replacement from J2 HIN
Replaced side-mirrors
New Exhaust system
Spoiler/SideSkirts from J2 HIN
New number plate
Nardi Steering Wheel
Bride Lowmax Seats
OZ Racing Rims
13B Engine
Working pop-up lights and fixed light dummies.


Easyman - Base car/converts
Flash - seats
Toretto - Steering Wheel

I'll put this car for download if enough people want it.

Until next time, cya.


  1. Hey man can you send me this on skype my ID is NIGrizz

  2. i want please :D

  3. Can you send it to my skype? id is magdalena77135 (Madzialena)