Sunday, 3 February 2008

New Blog For Release my cars

I know I have not posted up any finished cars here yet :( I made a New Blog for GTA MODDERS to download: My New Project "Club Tokyo". Club Tokyo is a team to make cars that consists of real-life into GTA (Racing Cars and Tuners)............Members of the club will be able to make new posts and also host their cars on the blog also and members will also be able to teach other members new things for modeling and texturing all cars. From now on all cars of Club Tokyo WILL be realeased and able to download but unless It's 100% finished we will only show you pictures of what the car/mod looks like so far. If you have a request to join, leave a notice on the chatbox but be sure to include your own e-mail so i can add you as a admin/moderator for the blog have fun people and P.S levin will be realeased next week hopefully!


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