Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Project S13

Here an S13 i probably should of posted for club tokyo blog XD but lol i have not posted alot here so here goes....I make an s13 tuned from stock using MilkeyFD s13 and ClubTh bumper models i tune this car in a special way because i leave Interior stock (until Dari mods it) and also I remove roof from car so is tuned S13 cabrio....i know how alot of people "Over-tune" cars so i go for suttle but a good method this time,

I think i've said enough of this car so i will now show u guyz some pics.

The car in action:

BIG thanks to dari92 for help tune the car :D

BIG thanks to Aalex for help with testing and some inspiration :D

And last But definetely not least Big thanks for DrIfTY

If u want the car now ask me on msn but lol its not finished so if u can wait i'll release it in a few days

Till next time im not PWNED by homework and trouble-shit Byez !

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