Sunday, 24 October 2010

Spoon Sports Honda Civic

Ok! a new day and a new car! If you didn't know - "Spoon Sports" is a company who tune Hondas. They have a nice set of cars and I personally like their EG6 Civic the most which is why I decided to make a replica version of it. This has been a project for a week or so now. Not a massive project though as most of the time was spent fixing bugs.. but now i'm ready to unveil it.

A list of modifications -

- New Paintjob by Grayfox 93
- Spoon Engine Texture
- New rims ( Regamaster evo by D.K. Wheel hop )
- Rear Window Decal Added
- Alpha bugs fixed
- Wheel bugs fixed
- Some interior modifications (seats,steering wheel and rollcage)

Credits - Jezoh for the original car,Grayfox93 for his sweet pj,DK for the rims.
Thanks to - Keisuke and Drip for support and comments :D

I know that some people may not like this car at all but I thought it was a kind of change from my usual stuff and I really like it! Until next time, cya ^^


  1. hey can u add me to skype i really wanna chat about this mod