Friday, 15 October 2010

Toyota Cresta GX71

Ok so a few weeks ago clubth posted a new car mod, the toyota cresta GX71, he made a really good job of it too :). That same day, I worked on his car but I got bored and I ran out of ideas for it so... I started some other projects. But out of nowhere, he releases a new "Bosozoku" tuned version of his GX71. So I downloaded it and basically started mixing matching different parts from each car to get a version which I liked.

Here is my Toyota Cresta GX71

List of modifications

- New rims ( thx mimi )
- Bosozoku stye shark nose added ( by clubth )
- Interior edited and new racing seats added
- 2 new paintjobs
- A full uv-map
- fixed some bugs with wheels

Thanks to clubth and mimi :)

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  1. Please I want this mod only for play with it ingame PLEASE!!!!!