Sunday, 17 April 2011

BMW 3.25i RatRod Style

A long time ago, I saw a car at website, a really special BMW :D.

A few days ago I found an article on the same car at a site called

This car was a new frontier in custom projects. This project was started by Mike Burroughs, from

The finish was achieved using diesiel oil to create a rust effect on the car's chassis. Very original! A cobra shark teeth vinyl on each-side of the car really adds to the authenticity of this BMW. And last but not least the Magnesium 24 Karrat Gold Plated Ronal Racing rims, what a mouthful xD

Here you can see the metal interior and dashboard, and a little control device for something called a cowl flap, something to do with airplanes but I can't explain it :D.

Well since I'm feeling happy about this, I will release it for download! in 2 versions, camber and no camber.

Click below to download each version:



Modification List:

- Smoked Tail Lights
- Custom Paintjob Made by Me
- UV Mapped Chassis
- Scratch Modelled Ronal Racing Split rims
- Scratch Modelled Dashboard & Control Unit
- Camber Angle on Wheels (optional)
- Added new steering wheel and Seats


- EREN TÝPO For the stock bmw.
- Mike Burroughs, STANCEWORKS and for the idea.
- DDS team for Steering wheel and pedals.

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