Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Toyota Supra RZ 1998

Whatup people... this is my first supra.. I think.. :D I've saw this style of supra around for a long time, always wanted to do one and now I have. The CCW Classic rims were the missing piece to me, the only thing to stop me doing this car a long time ago.. but I found them on a SLRR site. I spent a lot of time fixing this car up and correcting bugs etc so I hope you will appreciate it.

Modifications List -
-New Steering Wheel
-New Drift Handbrake
-New Recaro Seats
-Added CCW Classic Rims
-Remodelled Front Bumper to add the lip
-Removed old engine and modelled engine bay
-2JZGTE Twin Turbo engine added
-Added illuminating license plates

Thanks to:
- matheus340 for his original supra converted from Forza 3.
- C.J. of GOM-TEAM site for his SLRR ccw classic rims.
- Luksysz of LTUCustoms for the engine.

Click the button below to download!

Until next time, cya!

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