Monday, 15 November 2010

Call of Duty:Black Ops

Ok, the new CoD! It's a highly anticipated game, I think even more than its predecessor (CoD:Modern Warfare 2). I bought the game only 3 days ago, and I've finished it today. A word that comes to my head is "Wow".

I think this game is really awesome, Treyarch brought the Call of Duty franchise into a whole new frontier with this game. The story is amazing and the gameplay is breath-taking. The graphics are ofcourse state of the art. If you have'nt bought this game or played it yet then I suggest you try it as soon as possible.

Some pictures of the game!

As for the Black Ops:Multiplayer, it's still buggy but I'm hearing that patches will be released for the multiplayer on Steam very soon. To find out more about this check out some sites like or

Until next time, cya!

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