Sunday, 7 November 2010

J's Racing Honda S2000

Ok so I know this car for a long time now, the Honda S2000 J's Racing version. This car it's kind of special car to me. I wanted to see it in GTA for a long time but I never did.. so I make my own project.

Some time Ago I found some new map mods, among the bunch is the Speedy Island V2, it's a total conversion mod by "leviatan". I think this mod is brilliant because I love playing and driving in it.. and also has a lot of scenery which you can't fnd in other mods.


Thanks to -

WikSaW For converting the body from Forza 3 and editing the handling line.
Arfy for the original s2000 model.
D.K. Wheel Shop For his amazing Work Emotion CR Kai rims.

edit - Some people spotted a few bugs but i've fixed them and reuploaded the car so, enjoy!

I loved this project and I thought that it's a cool idea to share it. So now I give a download link!

Click the button below to download!

Until next time, cya!

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