Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Honda Integra DC2:HellaFlush Team

Ok, news time! xD.

My friend Paddmadd officially opened the HellaFlush san andreas modding team not so long ago, which is kinda a new thing to san andreas, A few people including me have been bringing the HellaFlush idea into our own mods, but this is one of the first teams to open for this kind of thing.

I was kinda excited to join a new team and all, but since i'm pretty inactive for school these days and I'm not using my own pc - I had to whip up something a little different for the team. This car is the first I've made for the HellaFlush team but I hope to do many more for it :).

Link to HellaFlush Team blog:


Anyways, Here are some pictures :D

List of Modifications -

- Shadow bugs fixed
- Colour Changes/New textures
- Scratch Made JLine SDMRL2 rim
- Scratch Made "Beaks" Lower Tie Bar
- Scratch Made Suspension/Shock Absorber
- Scratch Made Roof Spoiler
- Scratch Made Fatlace License plate frame
- Scratch Made Japanese glowing license plate
- Team HellaFlush decal added to rear window

Thanks to Itaska for his JDM Integra, which I used as the stock model. Thanks also to the other guys in HF team :)

Until next time, cya!

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