Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Honda Integra DC2:HellaFlush Team

Ok, news time! xD.

My friend Paddmadd officially opened the HellaFlush san andreas modding team not so long ago, which is kinda a new thing to san andreas, A few people including me have been bringing the HellaFlush idea into our own mods, but this is one of the first teams to open for this kind of thing.

I was kinda excited to join a new team and all, but since i'm pretty inactive for school these days and I'm not using my own pc - I had to whip up something a little different for the team. This car is the first I've made for the HellaFlush team but I hope to do many more for it :).

Link to HellaFlush Team blog:


Anyways, Here are some pictures :D

List of Modifications -

- Shadow bugs fixed
- Colour Changes/New textures
- Scratch Made JLine SDMRL2 rim
- Scratch Made "Beaks" Lower Tie Bar
- Scratch Made Suspension/Shock Absorber
- Scratch Made Roof Spoiler
- Scratch Made Fatlace License plate frame
- Scratch Made Japanese glowing license plate
- Team HellaFlush decal added to rear window

Thanks to Itaska for his JDM Integra, which I used as the stock model. Thanks also to the other guys in HF team :)

Until next time, cya!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Call of Duty:Black Ops

Ok, the new CoD! It's a highly anticipated game, I think even more than its predecessor (CoD:Modern Warfare 2). I bought the game only 3 days ago, and I've finished it today. A word that comes to my head is "Wow".

I think this game is really awesome, Treyarch brought the Call of Duty franchise into a whole new frontier with this game. The story is amazing and the gameplay is breath-taking. The graphics are ofcourse state of the art. If you have'nt bought this game or played it yet then I suggest you try it as soon as possible.

Some pictures of the game!

As for the Black Ops:Multiplayer, it's still buggy but I'm hearing that patches will be released for the multiplayer on Steam very soon. To find out more about this check out some sites like ign.com or steampowered.com.

Until next time, cya!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

J's Racing Honda S2000

Ok so I know this car for a long time now, the Honda S2000 J's Racing version. This car it's kind of special car to me. I wanted to see it in GTA for a long time but I never did.. so I make my own project.

Some time Ago I found some new map mods, among the bunch is the Speedy Island V2, it's a total conversion mod by "leviatan". I think this mod is brilliant because I love playing and driving in it.. and also has a lot of scenery which you can't fnd in other mods.


Thanks to -

WikSaW For converting the body from Forza 3 and editing the handling line.
Arfy for the original s2000 model.
D.K. Wheel Shop For his amazing Work Emotion CR Kai rims.

edit - Some people spotted a few bugs but i've fixed them and reuploaded the car so, enjoy!

I loved this project and I thought that it's a cool idea to share it. So now I give a download link!

Click the button below to download!


Until next time, cya!